Classic curry sauce mix

Solid curry roux

Solid curry roux is uniquely Japanese, making it
easy to cook up a richly satisfying curry.


Both in Japan and India, curry sauce containing stir-fried and stewed ingredients is served as a main dish with rice or naan (oven-baked flatbread).

  • Curry with rice

    This is the most popular way to eat curry in Japan.

    Curry with rice

  • Curry with naan

    This is the most popular way to eat curry in India.

    Curry with naan

  • Curry with couscous

    Replace rice with couscous for a delicious change of taste.

    Curry with couscous


Create your own curry! In Japan people add a personal touch to make family favorites.

Here are some ingredients you might want to try:

  • Grated garlic — Gives curry a rich, full-bodied flavor.
  • Chocolate — Goes surprisingly well with curry and adds its own unique richness.
  • Beer — The bitterness of beer makes for a mature, adult-like flavor
  • Others — Try grated apples, cheese or other ingredients. Let your imagination run wild!
  1. Add onion hacher
  2. Spice it up

Add onion hacher

Make onion hacher by mincing onion and slowly stir-frying for 30 minutes to 1 hour (or until the onion is dark brown).

It takes a bit of time and effort but really adds to the flavor.

Spice it up

Garam masala is a mix of mainly hot spices. Add it little by little until you achieve just the right spiciness.


Use curry sauce mix as is, like solid bouillon.

Curry fondue

Curry fondue

In a deep pan boil 300 ml of water, lower the heat, dissolve 50 g curry sauce mix then stir well. Blend in 100 ml of milk. Skewer and dip complementary foods of your choice for a tasty and truly unique dish.

Curry fondue

Curry soup

In a deep pan add water, sliced onions, your choice of vegetables, laurel and a dash of salt. Stew until ingredients become soft. Turn off heat, dissolve curry sauce mix then reheat. Finish by adding salt to taste.

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