The S&B Spirit

Our spirit is simple but runs deep through our corporate culture: The pursuit of genuine customer satisfaction. Everything we do as a business is carried out from a customer perspective, and the quest to drive customer satisfaction to new heights forms the heart of the S&B spirit.

Corporate philosophy and business policy

Our corporate philosophy and business policy are formulated with an eye to expanding business activities in spices and herbs. Our goal is to be the preferred spice company that customers always trust.

S&B Foods Corporate Philosophy

The pursuit of true customer satisfaction.

At S&B Foods, every activity flows from a single principle: The pursuit of true customer
satisfaction. What we mean is that we attentively listen to the voice of the customer, to know
what value means to the customer and always meet customer value expectations, and to
continuously engage in corporate activities grounded in the customer’s perspective.
Our greatest reward is the consistent satisfaction of our customers.

S&B Foods Business Policy

Innovate our business structure and establish a solid business foundation by placing
spices and herbs at the core of business in keeping with the corporate symbol

Our core strengths: Fast, innovative response coupled with solid production systems

Reaping the bounty of nature with leading-edge technologies. Responding to market needs with distinctive spice and herb products.

To further our tradition of promptly satisfying diverse and constantly changing customer needs, S&B Foods conducts a broad range of R&D, from research to new product development. Autonomous, tight-knit teams engage in challenging research activities, including essential scientific analysis of flavor and aroma along with creating new varieties of spices and herbs. New product development activities are led by teams with a keen understanding of market needs.

  • Our core strengths
  • Our core strengths

Safe, efficient production

Safe, efficient production

Our Safety and Web System makes possible timely product supply, inventory optimization and product tracing. We fully leverage the System to improve the efficiency of our development and production systems, and to promote and produce safe and secure products.

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