About S&B Foods
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Since our founding in 1923, S&B Foods has been producing and selling a dazzling variety of spices, condiments and cooking ingredients, including curry sauce mix, pasta sauce and Chinese food products.

Besides being the first company to successfully manufacture curry powder in Japan, we were also among the first to introduce spices and herbs from foreign shores, adding a savory new dimension to Japan’s unique culinary lifestyle.

And innovation is in our DNA. We invented tube wasabi, which allowed us to break into the global market, and continue to develop original products that drive the food industry. In addition, our delicious curry products are a major reason why the dish is now Japan’s quintessential comfort food.

Now, more than ever, we want the world to taste our success by offering flavory products such as wasabi, curry mix, nanami chili pepper and yuzu. We continue to expand our many business activities on the world stage. We hope that our customers around the world will discover a new side of Japan and experience our country in a way that is fresh and original.

Business areas

  • Spices, condiments and wasabi
  • Curry products
  • Expanding product lines
  • Global business activities
  • New business opportunities

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